Starting Hand Selection for Omaha Hi-Lo

Omaha Hi-Lo, also referred to as Omaha 8 is a game that involves a lot of strategies. One of the biggest mistakes some beginners make is that they play too many hands. Statistically, it is believed that you must see only 20% of the flops (on an average) over a longer period of play. Just because you are given more hands in Omaha poker, doesn’t mean that you play more hands. This is one of the ways to avoid you from losing out on this game.

Here, there are two different ways to win the pot – the high hand as well as the low hand. As you may know, a high hand would comprise of a royal flush and the ideal low hand would comprise of 2,3,4,5, A. There would be so many instances in the game where you can win both, the high as well as the low hand, if you were to hit a combination of an ace to five. Such a hand would surely get you the low hand and can also compete for the high hand with a straight.

Omaha Hi-Lo can be pretty easy if you were to understand the hand selection. However, the hardest part is to fold the hands which are probably not good starting hands. The main purpose is to scoop the pot (which is getting the high hand and the low hand). You can also use two different cards to do this, where in you would exactly use two cards to make a high hand and two cards to make a low hand (no more or no less). For an instance, the best starting hand in this variation of Omaha poker is 2, 3, A, A (both suited). The only way this hand could be counterfeited is if there are 2, 3 and A on the board. In either case, with such a hand combination, you are sure to win the high hand as well as the low hand.

Low hand qualifiers

In order to win the pot for the low hand, all the cards in your hand must be lower than the value of 8. Even if you are holding, 2, 3, you wouldn’t win the pot if there are higher cards on the board. As long as three cards happen to be lower than 9, the player would win half the pot for low hand. Therefore, it is believed that a good starting hand in Omaha Hi-Lo would be the one which can get you the high hand as well as the low hand.