Omaha Poker Sit and Go Tournament Strategy

Even though they happen to be very different games, some of the basic strategy from Hold’em sit and go tournaments could be applied here. Technically, you must take the same approach – play tight in the beginning, avoid calling all your chips and try winning the pot without a showdown.

Early game adjustments

If you are busted out, you would lose all your chips in the prize pool, whereas if you double up, you would be required to bet a lot of chips in the beginning. Also, you must have a pretty strong hand in the beginning, so as to double up. In Omaha poker, a majority of hands are merely 6:5 favourite before the flop (preflop). Secondly, even after a favourable flop, you would still be drawing very little from your opponents. The point is, you must play very tight in the beginning of the tournament, even tighter than what you play in Texas Hold’em tournaments. Wait for the premium hands which would get you the best possible combination on the table. It can be pretty boring but this is the correct strategy for Omaha sit and go tournaments.

The bubble

As far as Omaha poker is concerned, the hands run pretty close together in value, which affects the bubble as well. The hands to look for in such situations are with at least one low card and an ace. Such hands would run very close in value and may perhaps qualify for the high as well as the low hand. The whole idea here is to push pretty aggressively in the later position of the bubble and call as little as possible.

Blind steals gone wrong

One thing that can really limit the players here is the ability to raise the pot by only 3.5 times. This would hinder if you were to go all-in and make the most of your equity. In reality, there is very little difference between the two. If a player calls for a big percentage of their stack preflop, they are usually required to put in the rest after the flop. However, most opponents do not realise this. Sometimes, you would also be called against bad players and you would have to put in all your chips at the flop. The key to playing such kind of flops is to get checked and then bet maximum (which is mostly all-in) with any kind of flop. A majority of players would make bad folds here and hence you would get a bigger edge with the steals.

The heads-up and endgame play

Once the bubble has been busted and you have made enough bankroll, you must start playing aggressively thereafter. These tournaments would usually run long and hence there are a lot of split pots. The best way to emerge successful here is to blind steal some of the bigger blinds. For the most part, you must raise on the button or small blind with any four cards. However, there are chances of coming across trips or absolutely worthless hands. As soon as your blind is raised, you must consider the pot odds carefully. You must never fold until you get 1, 1.5 or better. As compared to the other forms of poker, aggression would get a lot of profits in Omaha sit and go tournaments.

Sit and go strategy for Omaha poker is the simplest of all, yet a lot of players often play very badly. Therefore these tournaments are extremely profitable, especially if you were to combine these basic strategies with your knowledge from the Texas Hold’em tournaments. Most importantly, do not forget that hands in Omaha poker are very close in value. Bet as much as possible, while calling as less as possible.